Our Story

We are a small family owned company developed out of Eugene Oregon. We started up Arrowhead Roof Cleaning & Exteriors in June 22nd 2017 with hopes to gain a bright future for us and our kids. We had a struggle with working for other companies when we were employees trying to set our future up for not only ourselves but for our children. We decided to take the “JUMP” in becoming business owners and establish and take control of how we were gonna make it in today’s world.

One of the few things we have been able to learn and grow from starting this adventure in our lives is our character, faith and our ability to  become positive influences to our kids and everyone around us. Our faith with the good Lord has brought us many blessings along this journey and has taught us a whole new meaning of life! “Givers Gain”!   

We take pride in making our customers happy with the work that we do. We become more personable with jobs to help people find the quality of work that should be expected out of contractors. We believe in offering a fair price to where both parties gain a win/win. The goal is to save the customer as much money as we can while being competitive with our prices and keeping just under our competitors with producing top quality work.

Our Mission- “Shooting Straight For Quality”

Our motto is “shooting straight for quality” and the mission of our business is to build great rapport with our clients and not only be of services for them, but also be of value for our customers! What this means to us is that we believe in educating our customers on how the work we perform is done and why we do the methods we do as well as showing them how passionate we are about what we do. We want to ensure you are getting what you’re paying for and receive top quality services for a fair price. We believe that if we provide great work and a trustworthy relationships with a fair price, that down the road you will refer us to family, friends and neighbors as well as keep using us yearly. 

What this can look like from Arrowhead Roof cleaning is:

    1. Communication: With good communication on our end we can be sure to stand by our word of services and make sure you know all details to what your project is going to entail. This helps with also building a trust with each other so you know that you can depend on us for our services.

    3. Fair Price: Building a business is not about how much money you gain, but by how much value you can be by providing quality work at an affordable price. “Givers gain” mentality is what we seek during every proposal we offer.

    5. Satisfied Customers: We want to make sure before leaving any estimate or job that we have made an impact on providing you great customer service. We will not leave your job until we know you are 100% satisfied.

Our Guarantees

  • We will not invoice you until we know that the work you wanted done is completed and that you are happy with the work.
  • You will be impressed by our work and how we treat you and your home.
  • We will leave your house cleaner and better then when we first showed up to do your job.
  • After the estimate is given, nothing will change unless customer requests more work on top of what we agreed upon to do.
  • We bid competitively all tho always strive to meet budget for our customers. “ We Will work with you on price”.
  • We guarantee “No Moss Back” if you sign up with our yearly maintenance programs we have. All houses are treated differently and sometimes need 2x a year maintenance at a discounted price.


We stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At the end of each job, we conduct a final inspection with our client to ensure complete satisfaction.

Arrowhead Roof Cleaning & Exteriors gets the job done right while providing Exceptional Customer Service to our clients every time.

We are licensed and bonded in the state of Oregon.
We work hard to maintain a great reputation and won’t recommend a cleaning if your roof needs to be replaced.



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