Tired of seeing your roof covered in moss, pine needles, and branches? Or maybe you’ve noticed those ugly black streaks on the roof of your multi-unit community or office buildings. Did you know those stains are caused by algae and  can be safely removed without damaging your roof?

In most cases, you don’t need an expensive roof replacement. Arrowhead Roof Cleaning & Exteriors can remove the algae and restore a roof’s original clean appearance. Protect the integrity of your investment with expert roof cleaning services from our company in Eugene, Oregon.

Arrowhead Roof Cleaning & Exteriors is a full-service contractor for quality roof cleaning for residential, industrial, and commercial clients. We specialize in removing large, black roof stains, mold, moss, and lichen. Our experts also provide cleaning for gutters, siding, decks, stairs, driveways, and walkways to provide your home with an overall face-lift.

The external appearance of your business is incredibly important. A well-maintained, clean, and presentable exterior is a sign to your customers; a sign that you care about everything you do, and that you take pride in all areas of your business. By ensuring your external premises look as good as possible, you are able to create the best possible first impression, every time.

We specialize in cleaning:

  • Retail Space & Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
  • Apartment Complexes & Student Housing
  • Rental Properties & Property Management Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Government offices
  • Universities
  • Office Complexes
  • Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Condominium Complexes
  • Retirement Communities
  • Basically, if it has a roof on it  we can clean it!


Arrowhead Roof Cleaning has consistently and safely provided outstanding aesthetic results for all types of commercial and industrial roofs. Local, national and international companies and organizations have turned to us with their commercial roof cleaning needs… And we deliver.

Five Reasons To Call Arrowhead Roof Cleaning Today:

  1. We use a low-pressure cleaning method that won’t damage your roof. We don’t use pressure washers- that’s a quick way to ruin your shingles!
  2. The results are almost instantaneous, last for years and include a long-term guarantee.
  3. You can quickly and affordably improve the curb appeal of your or business.
  4. You may save money on your cooling bills with a clean roof.
  5. You’ll extend the life to your shingles.


Roof Manufacturers Recommend Roof Cleanings Every Few Years To Extend The Life Of Your Roof And Keep It Looking Great.
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Reviews from Satisfied Clients

Rockridge Condominiums

James and his associate did an amazing job of power washing our 20 unit condo areas in June 2019 as well as moss treatment of our roofs. James is reliable, conscientious, and communicates the scope of the job. Our homeowners were happy with the results.

– Rockridge HOA Board, June 2019


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